Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Step into a fairytale and visit the Wee Garden. Here you will find the most amazing miniature gardens! I stumbled upon these whimsical creations and just had to share!

No previous gardening skills required. Everything you need to create your own wee garden can be found here. Each kit comes with a rusty metal wheelbarrow, three mini pots, a sweet garden chair, a tiny watering can and a copy of the Wee Garden Book....40 pages of ideas and inspiration, all wrapped up in a handy burlap bag for collecting moss, pebbles or bark.

No two gardens are the same...create your own unique little garden!

There is so much to look at you will want to stay on their website forever, even if it is just to look at all of the stunning photographs. Want more?

Follow their blog...I just became a follower myself!

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kelleysbeads said...

These are so neat! I would be putting them on my desk if I thought they wouldn't get covered in paperwork!!