Monday, September 21, 2009

crave (krāv) transitive verb
craved, craving crav′·ing
1. to ask for earnestly; beg
2. to long for eagerly; desire strongly
3. to be in great need of

Here are a few things that are on my wish list for Fall! I am so glad cooler weather is on its way, Fall is my favorite season. Sweaters, boots, handbags, jackets...jeans...handbags...oh! did I say that already?

These boots in a classic style and cool gunmetal color rocks.

{Randie Boot}, Nine West

So what if I have way too many purses...I REALLY want this one...really.
{Bryant Park Bag, Sundance}

..and this scarf is too cuddly to pass up!

{Tuesday Scarf, LilyandLulu}

Candles are always on my list and Ten Digit Creations has the BEST candles! These candles smell amazing and last a remarkably long time! This scent is perfect for Fall!

I adore this cardigan from {Vintage C}. Love the color. Love the shape. Love it!

And of course, I love my new {HARLOW RING}. I am a huge fan of big rings and this is big without being over the top and will go with pretty much anything. I might wear it everyday until it sells!

If you have any items you {CRAVE} and think it should be in the next volume, let me know!


kelleysbeads said...

My favorite season is summer. I love the heat. I may even crave the heat. Fall brings cooler temps and I sigh. But your enthusiasm for the season makes me re-think my stance. Those boots are pretty cool :)

Japlish Delights said...

Love the Harlow ring! What a classy design.