Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have my shared my love for Do It Yourself magazine before, and I was so excited to see that in the new issue, they have a ~Best of Show~ section featuring a ton of Etsy sellers. Yay! I just told someone the other day that I love Etsy. I love that it is an all handmade community that supports artists, crafters, designers and small business owners. I love that people can come together to offer there creations, support other crafters and often insipre eachother. You are purchasing unique items that are not mass-produced. Even if the same product may be made a thousand times each will be unique in some tiny way. It is all your own. Being a seller is rewarding in that every time you make a sale, there is an element of surprise that someone actually paid for something you made!
Kelly Maron from Paper Stories said it perfectly:
"We are happiest when we make something that makes someone else happy."

Here are a few of the sellers that were featured int he showcase (congrats!):

{Felted Style}

{May Luk}

{Happy KO}

{Chikabird Inc}

{Lucky Bee Press}

Way to go guys! Remember...buy handmade!


Anonymous said...

pretty cool!

Queen Bee Laurie said...

Thanks for including me in your blog! : )