Sunday, August 2, 2009


About a year ago, Jan from Jannypie Crafts blogged about a desk that she had built herself. The blog post included pictures of her old desk, her drawing for the one she planned to build, pictures of the finished desk...and even a supply list! I have been wanting to build my own since then (the ugly desk with the tablecloth on it was just not cutting it) and I finally did it...with a few modifications!
This is the desk Jan cool!

*picture taken from Jannypies' blog post from October 2008

I think she did such a good job. It is such a great workspace and I loved that it is a corner desk and thought the table legs used for support on one side was such a cool idea. When planning my desk I realized that my room didn't have sufficient space to allow for a corner desk (I was so bummed!) but I loved still loved the desk because of all of the storage and elevated height of the desktop. The first step was to put together the storage unit cubicles...

Once the cubes were put together I used a sheet of MDF cut down to a 6 x 3 piece for the desk top and plan on using the rest for shelves (the paint is drying on them now!). The desktop was then screwed into the cubes and I used an oil based primer (which was suggested for MDF rather than a waterbased) and a coat of plain white satin finish pain on the MDF.

Above is the finished desk...I LOVE IT!!! I am in the process of priming and painting the shelves (from the excess MDF) and plan on hanging them above the desk. I can't wait until the paint on the desk is dry, the shelves are hung and I can start putting all of my things back on the desk. This desk allows for so much storage and I am excited that my room will be MUCH more organized after everything is done! Yay! More pictures to come!


kelleysbeads said...

Yay you! Your new desk looks awesome and that extra storage space so great! I want a new (ok, clean & uncluttered) workspace like yours :)

jennifer said...

wow, you're handy! looks like some great storage on the sides. my little studio/desk is a mess (and nyc sized unfortunately)!