Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Giveaway!

I am finally having my first giveaway and I am very excited!!
I have been blogging for over a year and wanted to do something to celebrate my 100th post! What in the world have I have been talking about? I want to give something back to my readers...thank you for coming back from time to time...it is amazing how blogging can bring people together.

 Up for grabs is my Bliss Necklace.
I love this necklace because it is simple, unique...and you can wear it with jeans or dress it up. The matte finish makes add the perfect amount of softness to the Gold for a delicate feel.

So what do you have to do?
 Just answer the question below by, Midnight Feb 26th! 
I will randomly choose the winner using the cool website http://www.random.org/.
* Describe your favorite piece of jewelry.
It can be anything...earrings your best friend gave you...or an old necklace you found in your Grandmother's jewelry box!

**I will ship the necklace anywhere...yes, even outside of the US! Everyone is eligible. Only one entry per person please! When I announce the winner on Saturday, you will simply need to email me with your information so I can get the necklace out to you.

Good luck and CHEERS to blogging!

*UPDATE* I am going to extend this just a bit....you now have until Midnight on Monday March 1st to enter, I will choose the winner Tuesday March 2nd!*


TwinsanityMom said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring. Besides my wedding band it is the only piece of jewelry I always wear. It reminds of everything that our relationship has survived and all we have to look forward to.

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

Since I've only been married a little over 3 months, I have to say my wedding ring! However, my next favorite piece of jewelry is usually what ever piece I've most recently created. I love it at first, and then I get tired of it and love the next thing I make!

Thanks for the giveaway!!

kelleysbeads said...

My cross was my favorite piece of jewelry. I wore it for two decades until the chain broke last summer. :(

Lisa made me think about my wedding ring. I have worn it every day for almost ten years. It feels like a part of me and without it, I feel unsettled. It is definitely the most important piece of jewelry because it is the symbol of the most important relationship in my life.

TesoriTrovati said...

Came over from Kelley's beads... congrats on your 100th post! That is awesome!
I like this necklace. Simple and versatile.

My favorite piece of jewelry changes with the wind. Or my wardrobe. Or my wardrobe blowing in the wind. I am partial to my signature piece of jewelry that is called "Treasures Found" and features a 1865 original Eastlake keyhole ecutcheon, mixed chains, faceted caramel colored pearls and a vintage skeleton key. I wear it all the time.
Other than that, I have not been without my wedding ring in almost 18 years. I feel incomplete without it.
Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy the day!
Tesori Trovati Jewelry

Beth Anderson said...

What a beautiful necklace - thank you for offering it in a give-away!
My favorites do change frequently however I must say I think the most coveted piece would be a piece my Aunt owns that has been passed down a couple of generations and all of the girls can wear it when they marry. It is a beautiful 3-4 inch gold cross about 1/2 inch wide in-layed with pearls! A beautiful piece!

kat said...

Love the giveaway... and congratulations as well on your 100th post!!

My favourite piece of jewelry is my engagement ring and of course my wedding ring. My husband and I have been together for 20 years this year and married for 15 years in June. We've been through so much together, including illness, and I couldn't imagine life without him.

Joy www.thelaughingmoonnyc.com said...

Congratulations on your longevity! My favorite piece of jewelry is my wedding ring. A good friend of mine made it especially for us, with the design we picked out. The cool thing is, although it's the same tribal design, I see it as vines and my dude (husband) sees flames. Just shows how each person can see the same thing differently, but it still works!

Nancy Wolfe said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is a string of incredible venetian beads that were my mom's. When she was in her 50's she took a big plunge and headed to Italy all by herself, Italian/english dictionary in hand. I don't think she had ever traveled anywhere without my dad and/or her kids before that. She came back with tales of bistros and art and conversations with wonderul Italian people. And with the beads. She swore that everytime she wore them someone would ask her about them and then she could re-live the trip all over again. Now that they are mine, I know she was right.

Anonymous said...

My favorite piece of jewelry is a simple ring with a celtic knot design that was given to me by the love of my life. It is simple, elegant, and gorgeous.

Thanks for making such beautiful jewelry!

Tabitha W. said...

i think my favorite piece is a ring i purchased with my very own money. it was the 1st expensive purchase i'd ever bought with my own paycheck. it is a cat face set in white gold with black onyx for the face and diamond chips for eyes. i haven't worn it in years, but when ever i glance it in my jewelry box i smile :)

Metallo Bianco Jewelry said...

OH I love hearing about your favorite jewelry...seems like the engagement rings and wedding rings are at the top so far!

Abigail's Creative Journey said...

Congratulations! I love coming by and reading your blogs. :) My favorite piece of jewelry besides my wedding ring(this May will be 17 yrs.) is a lampwork bracelet I made with my husband's first really intricate lampwork beads. He was going to leave us for 4 months for a school in the military and he made me a set of these beautiful purple and green beads that represented my favorite flower the Iris, so that I always remember our relationship no matter how far away he was. I wore it everyday he was gone and still wear it a lot now. :)
Have a great day and many more great blogs to come. :)

Jen M said...

Absolutely beautiful! My favourite piece of jewellery is my engagement ring (and wedding ring) which I designed myself.