Thursday, July 22, 2010


crave (krāv)

transitive verb craved, craving crav′·ing

                                                         1. to ask for earnestly; beg

                                                     2. to long for eagerly; desire strongly

                                                            3. to be in great need of

While I am in the midst of moving, I am dying to get my studio set back up so I can start making jewelry again. For now, I am browsing other's creations...

I LOVE this tray and think it might have to go right on top of my new dresser, it would be perfect to drop my keys and jewelry and other stuff in...

Five Section Tray { AmongstLovelyThings }

A few years back I started collecting vintage Ball jars and found this great shop that all of these great items made from Ball Jars...I love this dispenser!

Vintage Blue Quart Mason Jar Dispenser  { MidwestFinds }

The last thing I need is another handbag, but wow...I would love to have this for the Winter...

Large Violet Patent Leather Hobo Bag { patkas }

I thought these fabric boxes were a cool idea...and I actually have the three books shown in the picture, how weird is that??

Three Lovely Fabric Boxes { Nestings }

I love scarves...and this is so affordable, I want one in every color!

Ruffle Scarf  { Textilemonster }


Lorelei said...

awesome favorites!! Love those fabric covered boxes! And I love scarves too!

kelleysbeads said...

Lorelei is up LATE! I am digging those scarves and the ball jars are pretty cool, too.

TGIF tomorrow!

And. I'm glad you're my friend. I miss seeing you. Maybe one day next week I can drive out for lunch with you?

Anonymous said...

what great finds! i'm in transit to our new home town and i too can't wait to set up my studio!

Studio Sylvia said...

Just discovered your blog, via Marbella jewellery. You have some lovely jewellery pieces.