Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A special trip...

A trip I have been waiting for is finally arriving!

Destination: BEADFEST 2010 / PHILADELPHIA.

I am so excited...not only because this is a huge event that I have never been to in a new city, but I am also going to be meeting some new friends. Kelley and I will be flying to Philadelphia and meeting Lorelei and Nancy who are driving from New York to meet us. This will be the first time meeting Lorelei and Nancy in person! I am so excited...I have been dreaming about all of the cabochons and beads that I am going to buy. A lot of the times I buy supplies online and end up disappointed when the items arrive...this is a chance to be exposed to new vendors across the country and actually hold what I am looking to buy. The thing I am most looking forward to is spending time with the girls...I really couldn't ask for a better weekend...girlfriends, a new city to explore and shopping!

Kelley is a great friend that I don't get to spend enough time with. She has been making the most amazing glass 'egg beads'...there is a waiting list for them!!
Can you imagine...people lining up for your creations? {sigh}

Here are a just a few of her egg beads...

Lorelei is someone I have admired and want to meet for a long time. She has endless creativity and is always an inspiration. Here are two of my favorite items of hers that are in her shop right now...I am in love with these earrings and this necklace.

...and I am so excited about meeting Nancy. She is a potter and jewelry designer who is often featured in magazines like Belle Armoire Jewelry and Jewelry Affaire. Look at these amazing ceramic pendants and components....

I am going to be in amazing company and I am so excited.
I will be back Sunday evening and can't wait to show you lots of pictures!

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kelleysbeads said...

I am so excited, too! In less than 24 hours, we will be in our seats on the plane. This is going to be such a FUN weekend together!