Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blissful Indulgence

I hadn't planned on blogging tonight. After work, I had a list of things to do and not nearly enough time to do them in...and working on jewelry is unfortunately not part of my schedule tonight, so I am kind of bummed. While I sorted through the pile of mail on the counter, I plucked a delightful looking catalog out of the pile...one that I hadn't seen before called Cambria Cove. My friend Tracy recently called me "the catalog Queen"...hmm..I don't know if that is so much a coveted title, but it is totally true. I LOVE to look at catalogs...not necessarily to buy things, but just to ooh and ahh over all of the lovely things in them. Cambria Cove is definitely going to be in the {READ} pile from now on. Here are a few things that I really loved and wanted to share with you!

...how adorable are these Robin's Egg Soaps? AND...yes, they come in the cool jar!

How cute are these Mini Ceramic Candles by Voluspa? And they are on sale for $8...the perfect thing to stock up on for your friends birthday that you almost forgot!

..and nothing can be better than eating ice cream...until you are scooping it out of these Waffle Cone Sundae Glasses by Maxwell and Williams. Mmm...ice cream.

To tell you the truth, I never thought about buying a butter dish...until I saw this Brasserie Butter Dish by Comptoir de Famille . How pretty is this? Just another reason to reach for the butter!

So...when I am lounging around...I am usually wearing a t-shirt and jeans with flip flops or boots (depending on the season of course)...but let's just pretend for a second..when I lounge around I wear a robe just like this from the Silk Road Collection. . Right. Moving along!

Cambria Cove should definitely be in your {READ} pile. This catalog/website is just full of really lovely unique items...check it out! Back to my 'to do' list...

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Anonymous said...

such pretty things. i'll have to check them out. i don't think i've seen that catalog.