Friday, January 22, 2010

Quite possilbly the easiest, best soup ever!


So I have only posted two recipes...this being the first was my Potato Cheese Soup. Do you see a trend? Yes, I {love} soup! I got the recipe for the soup below from The Pioneer Woman. I will have to talk about her in another post...maybe two...well, who I am I kidding, I could write about her all day long. She is seriously my hero. I have been sick for days and to me, there is nothing that can make you feel better when you are sick but soup. And bread, of course.

This recipe is THE easiest and the most delicious tomato soup you will ever taste. I paired it tonight with cheese bread. Provolone or Mozzarella would have been my first choice, but all I had was Monterey Jack with Jalapenos and I figured 'what the heck'...and it was heaven. Serving it along side of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches is also delicious!!

Trust me, if you have 30 minutes, you have enough time for this soup.
Nothing this decadent should be this easy!

Prep Time: 10 Minutes Cook Time: 20 Minutes Difficulty: SUPER Easy Servings: 6


6 Tablespoons Melted Butter

1 whole Medium Onion, Diced

1 bottle (46 Oz.) Tomato Juice

2 cans (14 Oz. Cans) Diced Tomatoes

1 Tablespoon (up To 3 Tablespoons) Chicken Base

3 Tablespoons (up To 6 Tablespoons) Sugar

1 pinch(es) Salt

Black Pepper To Taste

1 cup Cooking Sherry

1-½ cup Heavy Cream

Chopped Fresh Parsley

Chopped Fresh Basil


Sauté diced onions in butter until translucent. Then add canned tomatoes, tomato juice, chicken base, sugar, pinch of salt, black pepper and stir. Bring to a near boil, then turn off heat. Add in sherry and cream and stir. Add in parsley and basil to taste.

You are probably saying is that it? Yep...that is it. Now go make it and enjoy!

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