Sunday, January 24, 2010

} A few (not so cheesy) Valentines Day ideas... }

Don't get me wrong, I DO like Valentines Day, I just feel like there is so much pressure put on some to buy gifts..just to give SOMETHING. To me, most things made specifically for Valentines Day are a bit cheesy.
I love flowers and chocolates of course, but sometimes something a little unique is nice to get! are a few things that I thought would be really cute for loved ones AND friends!

All of these items are from quite possible my most favorite store ever...Anthropologie.

The above picture is a Valentine in a Bottle! How cute is that?? Use these petite scrolls to leave love notes in unexpected places; leave one blank and see if you get a reply back. Includes three blank scrolls.

I really loved these {below} because I collect vintage postcards...return to a time of romance and send your beloveds one of the glittery Victorian-era motifs housed in a keepsake tin. By Cavallini. Set includes two each of 6 designs

And if you don't quite know what to write on the blank scrolls for your bottle, I am sure you can find a few good things in this book! ...and then give it as a gift! A collection of heartfelt, profound, and even funny ruminations on matters of the heart. After all, as Plato says, "At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."

I really loved the card below because you can do this on your own, without buying the set if you are so inclined. I only wish I had thought of this on my own! Stitch your own sweet nothings on this crafty valentine card. Thread the needle through the pre-punched holes and spell out "love" inside a heart. Done by yourself you can 'sew' all kinds of cute messages on the cards!

Make someone happy and send them a little something to put a smile on their face...especially if they will be alone on a holiday that can really make you feel like crap if you are!

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Nisha Maxwell said...

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