Saturday, March 13, 2010

A gift gone awry...

A while back, my good friend Kelley brought back some cabochons from her trip to Philidelphia for BeadFest 2009 {and I am going this year...yay!..but more on that later.}. I was so blown away that she thought of me on her trip and brought the cabs back for me. She is such a great, great person and I really cherish our friendship. Here are the stones she brought back.

I have made a couple of rings from the cabs she brought back and have sold them, but I really wanted to make her a ring using one of them as a thank you. And I did. She knew something was going on when I asked her what size ring she wore, but she didn't know what I am making. I was SO excited when I finished the ring and could not wait for her to get the package in the mail and call me to tell me how excited she was and how much she loved it. And she did! She loved it....but the ring didn't fit. {gasp}We are still wondering what the heck happened with the size thing...she had a ring sizer and I know I made it the size that she told me. I am so disappointed that it didn't fit and so sad that she doesn't have the ring that I made to say thank you! The ring is on it's way back to me now and will be listed in my shop soon. The ring was made with much love so whoever gets will be super lucky! Isn't it pretty?!

Kel...I am not sure what my plan is now...but I WILL make you something, I just need to figure out what! :)

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Abigail's Creative Journey said...

What a great idea for a thank you gift. I am sorry it did not fit her. :( Those cabochons were pretty.